Vedic Chanting Classes

Vedic Chanting Classes at Bluewater

The Vedic chant classes will present selected chants from the Veda-s, the ancient and authoritative texts for the original six philosophical schools of thought in India, of which Yoga is one. These classes offer the opportunity to connect with the earliest teachings which formed the foundation of Yoga. The chants will be taught in the original Sanskrit, a language rich in sounds, and the meaning will be provided in English to offer a deeper appreciation of each chant. Vedic chanting is not singing; it is poetic recitation of beautiful passages that honor the various qualities of the natural world as well as of the pervading spirit that underlies them all. No previous experience is necessary.

Vedic Chanting Class Schedule

Vedic Chanting - Level II

Mondays @ 5:00 - 5:45 PM
Teacher: Carolyn Hedin
Class Via:
Zoom Only

Vedic Chanting - Level I

Tuesdays @ 3:00 - 3:45 PM
Teacher: Carolyn Hedin
Class via:
Zoom Only
You may also register for classes by contacting:
Phone: 651-388-6099 or Ca***********@gm***.com

Vedic Chanting - Levels I & II

Vedic Chanting – Levels I & II classes are a doorway to the world of Vedic wisdom for both beginners and intermediate learners. Level I introduces the fundamentals of chant, focusing on the pronunciation and meter of Sanskrit to harness the vibrational power of these ancient texts. Level II builds upon this foundation, delving deeper into the complexities and techniques that elevate your chanting practice, enriching your understanding and spiritual connection.

Contact Carolyn to join ca***********@gm***.com

Chanting Sanga of the Americas

This chanting Sanga unites Vedic chanters from North and South Americas, the UK and Europe who meet on Zoom to learn, recite, and share the powerful chants of the Veda-s.  This collective experience not only deepens individual practice but also weaves a community connected by the sacred thread of Vedic tradition.

Contact Carolyn to join ca***********@gm***.com
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