Yoga Class Schedule

Day Time Class Name Teacher
Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:00am The Starting Point
Ongoing class/ $10 / Class
Contact Margaret 651-248-3493
Margaret Noesen
  2:30 - 4:00pm Vedic Chants for Health & Healing
Ongoing class/5 classes $75
Drop-in $15
Contact Carolyn
Carolyn Hedin
Wednesdays 5:15 - 6:45pm Going Deeper into Yoga
Ongoing class/8 classes $96
Drop-in $16
Contact Carolyn
Carolyn Hedin
Thursdays 6:30-8:00 Lessons in Mindfulness
Starting classes this Fall,
Contact Elizabeth 651-764-1253
Elizabeth Witt
Saturdays 9:00am-Noon Private sessions by Appointment
Contact Carolyn
Carolyn Hedin
Please register for Carolyn's classes by contacting:

Carolyn Hedin, Phone: 651-388-6103 or Bluewater Yoga Office, Phone: 651-388-6099

Fundamentals of Yoga

This new offering will consist of a year of classes allowing participants to progressively learn and broaden their understanding of Yoga. Carolyn will introduce the basic elements of postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation, as well as touch upon Yoga ethics, philosophy, and the benefits of Vedic chanting. Serving as a foundation for beginners, this class will also be useful for those who want to review and expand their general yoga knowledge. As a result each individual will learn to apply these various tools in specific ways for their own individual benefit.

The class is open to all regardless of previous yoga experience. Because this is a NEW class, please reserve a place with Carolyn.

Breath and Sound

A class for anyone who wants to learn optimal breathing techniques for improved health and healing. The class will include simple yoga postures to coordinate breath and movement, lying and seated breathing practices, and the use of classic Vedic healing chants to develop the quality and capacity of the breath as well as to positively influence the energy of the body through the vibrations of sound.

Yoga Study

This class will review the basic philosophy, theories, and practices of classical Yoga as presented in various ancient texts and epics. Students will learn some simple Sanskrit chants (in Sanskrit) that deal with nature, healing, and well-being. Each session will offer a simple practice to experience the various techniques of Yoga for body, breath, and mind. Please contact Carolyn with any questions.

Going Deeper Into Yoga

For continuing students this class will refine the Yoga postures and include breathing practices and the use of sound, to experience Yoga at a deeper level.

The Starting Point

This class is for all those who wish to learn about Yoga and to start at the very beginning. All are welcome. Contact Margaret with questions or to register. 651-248-3493

Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali

The meaning and practical application of yoga philosophy, as presented in the text The Yoga Sutra-s by the sage Patanjali, will be presented and discussed along with the chanting of the sutra-s in Sanskrit. This ongoing class is for everyone with a serious interest in learning about the true breadth and depth of yoga. Each two hour class will include discussion followed by a practice at the intermediate level. Please contact Carolyn with any questions.

Vedic Chants for Health and Healing

This class will focus on a few ancient chants from the Veda-s through which to explore yoga philosophy and sound for the benefits to body, mind, and spirit. The class will teach correct Vedic chanting principles and discuss the meanings of the chants, progressing at a patient pace in order to gradually assimilate the essential understandings that underlie the yoga teachings. This introductory class is suitable for anyone wishing to embark on this new area of study. No pre-requisites are necessary. Please contact Carolyn with any questions.

Lessons in Mindfulness

This is a two session course introducing the concept of mindfulness, an opportunity to learn the basic teachings in order to cultivate an interest in a mindful way of living and being. Mindfulness meditation will be introduced and practiced, along with poetry and movement. Discussion will be facilitated in order to make sense of the teachings. A person attending this course will leave with suggestions on how to begin to introduce mindfulness tools into daily living.