Vedic Chant Schedule

Day Time Class Name Instructor
Tuesdays 2:30 - 4:00 p.m. Vedic Chants for Health & Healing
Sept. 5, 12, 19, 26, 4 classes/$60
Oct. 10, 17, 24, 31, 4 classes/$60
Nov.14 - Dec.12 5 classes/$75
Contact Carolyn 651-388-6103
Carolyn Hedin
Sundays 1:00 - 4:00pm Vedic Chant Workshops
Oct. 15, Nov. 12, Dec. 10
Contact Kristina 952-261-5178
Kristina Ahern
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Phone: 651-388-6103

What Is Vedic Chant?

Although relatively unknown to most Westerners, the Veda-s form the foundation for much of Indian thought, knowledge, culture and beliefs. They are a vast collection of hymns that were believed to be heard by ancient Indian sages when they were in a deep meditative state. Collectively, they are the most authoritative source of Indian wisdom, as they contain information on every conceivable subject: from the relationship between a teacher and a student to the structure of the human system, from the relevance of nature and the elements in our lives to the origin of the universe. Thus, the Veda-s have for thousands of years, been a primary reference for living. Sanskrit, the classical Indian language, is the language of the Veda-s. Over the years, the vast information in the Veda-s was preserved and transmitted from one generation of teachers and students to the next in an oral manner. There were no books, pens or laptops to facilitate taking notes. All teaching and learning was done orally via the discipline of chanting. There were certain basic rules of chanting the Veda-s that had to be adhered to without compromise. It is because of the rules and pedagogy of chanting that, even today, the Veda-s are chanted exactly as they were several thousand years ago! In learning Vedic chanting, a student was expected to listen to his/her teacher and then chant exactly as the teacher did....a process called "adhyayanam". This relationship between teacher and student is the basis for how Vedic Chant is taught today.

Benefits of Vedic Chanting

Come experience the transformative potential of sound, through the art & discipline of Vedic chant. Increased focus & memory, healing vibrations for the body & emotions, enhanced breath capacity and connection to something higher than ourselves can all be experienced through the practice of this ancient tradition.

- Vedic chanting is accessible to all that would like to learn and experience the benefits. Unlike singing, this style of chanting is done with only 3 notes and both the rate pitch are adjusted to meets the capability of the student. Beginning with pure simple sounds, progression is done in a step-by-step manner that allows time for the body, mind and breath to develop harmoniously.

- Vedic chanting produces certain vibrational energies, which can enhance physical and emotional health. The effects of the sounds are considered more important than direct knowledge of the exact meanings of the words.

- The process of "adhyayanam" involves listening closely to the teacher and reproducing the chant exactly. This requires complete attention and focus, which is very useful in improving concentration and memory.

- Listening to Vedic chanting and practicing chanting can also calm the mind, reducing the circular roaming of the mind. In fact, chanting is considered to be one of the important forms of meditation.

- Vedic chanting helps to build self confidence and supports one in finding & refining one's own voice and ability to express oneself clearly.

- Vedic chant can help to relieve stress/anxiety and can also help lift one from depression.

- The practice of Vedic chant teaches one how to control the breath effectively, which can lead to increased breath capacity and vitality.

- Vedic chanting can strengthen the link to one's own spiritual consciousness, connecting one to something greater than oneself.

As my TKV Desikachar once said: "To share chanting is to share an experience of silence through listening, a process of healing, and a link with nature, the deeper self and the divine."


Level I Vedic Chant Class Description

In this on-going class, we continue to explore and refine the art of listening and repeating healing & transformational chants from the Vedas. With practice, the effects of these timeless chants can create a 'river' of sound and vibration that flow to your inner dimensions.


FREE Introduction to Vedic Chant:

Explore the transformative potential of sound, through the ancient art and discipline of Vedic chant. Increased focus & memory, healing vibrations for the body and emotions, enhanced breath capacity and a connection to something higher than ourselves can all be experienced over time through the practice of this tradition. In this introduction class, you will:
- Move toward finding your voice & expression (no singing/chanting experience necessary).
- Learn how to form the basic sounds used in Vedic chant
- Establish a connection to the discipline of listening closely and repeating.
- Experience the sound vibrations and energetic effects created by yourself and others
- Challenge yourself with something new and have fun!

Private Sessions in Vedic Chant:

60 minutes/$60
Package of three 60 minute sessions/$160